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I love Yoga and enthusiastically recommend it to everyone.
I'm confident that with my care and expertise I can help you discover the
fantastic benefits that yoga can bring. 

But you don't need to take my word for it, here's what my students are saying:


"My experience from Lisa’s yoga classes has allowed me to connect to, and develop a richness in my yoga practice of self inquiry, stillness and spaciousness, cultivated from her slow, mindful, breath centred practices and pranayama. My favourite part is her warm presence and humour which feels like sunshine, I always leave smiling "  - Claire L

"SunYoga is the best pain management I’ve found; when I do regular yoga I can move again, I feel better.  I find relief and comfort.  I can be positive about my life…" - Cindy P

"Thank you Lisa for my beautiful personal yoga class today. What absolute bliss. It was so beneficial to have a one on one experience catered to my needs and abilities in my own space. I have attended other yoga classes and was so impressed  by your wealth of knowledge and understanding of yoga which ensured I understood the benefits of each pose and that I was doing it safely. I’ve always felt that I was too busy to take time out for myself but after this class I feel like I gained so much time, energy and clarity. Bring on more!" - Diane A

"After every session I feel stronger and more peaceful. Lisa has a beautiful voice that instantly relaxes my mind and brings me back to the present. …….I love her commitment and the variety in every class. Thank you for helping me become more flexible and definitely more peaceful. For someone who experiences anxiety, your classes have helped me immensely. Namaste, Chandni. " - Chandni S

"Last Saturday I was so tired and drained of energy when I came to yoga. I was so impressed when I left, as I felt so much better……whatever we had done had stretched all the tiredness out of me. I was ready to have a day mooching around the house but instead we went to Castlemaine and had a great day out and I was not at all tired. So thanks" Katherine S

"When you are going through any kind of a personal crisis it’s great to give yourself a bit of a treat, to make the time to spoil yourself. Coming to yoga is my ME time, my time to spoil myself and focus on healing." - Cheryle R

"What do I love about doing yoga?  Life is busy; I am constantly on the go and always committed to doing things with little time for myself.  Coming to yoga seems like an indulgence in the nicest possible way – I feel like I am spoiling myself by simply taking the time to attend classes. For the duration of the class I focus purely on me!  Nobody else, just me, my feelings, my breath, my body... " - Lee T

“I look forward to Monday evenings where I can let go of the outside world & be guided into a peaceful & relaxed state. It prepares me for the week ahead.”  - Marcella O

I tell a lot of people about yoga.  I keep saying, Why don’t you get into yoga, it’s the best, the best thing ever!  Not only does it improve your physical strength and tones your body, it also gives you mental replenishment… I am very happy I have found yoga, it’s incredible.  I think not many of my generation understand how good it is, have any idea of what it is about, or realise the benefits of yoga… So, I tell as many people as I can. Get into it, the results are amazing!” - Sylvia M

"I am very happy that I found you! You are great yoga teachers & I feel very comfortable in your class. I missed my yoga teacher from Switzerland, but now I really feel like at home in Australia. Thankyou." - Gabi H

"My introduction to SunYoga came through my sister who started doing pre-natal yoga. I started going to SunYoga weekly, but a bit sporadically, on & off, life got in the way, you know how it is…? But gradually I started to notice that when I didn’t do my yoga I didn’t feel so good, and that when I did come regularly it made a big difference. My twice weekly yoga is like my medicine, every 3 days I get my dose, my fix, and I really look forward to it…"  - Natasha C

"SunYoga classes have been of great benefit to me with my health issues-high blood pressure and stress. My blood pressure is now normal and I'm a lot calmer." - Connie F

"You can expect something different every class (which I greatly enjoy). I love the after effect of attending a yoga class. I feel physically, emotionally and mentally lighter, and more balanced. I attended many yoga classes in the past and was searching for a unique teaching style which I have discovered at SunYoga." - Fikreta I

“I have noticed a significant improvement in my life long back, shoulder & neck problems. I feel less stiff in the mornings & generally more flexible.Thankyou." - Marg

“After not doing yoga for a few years it was a great way to return!! I could do it at my pace with clear instructions to guide me & assistance was at hand whenever required. I can’t wait to return.” - Bernadette

“This has been a fantastic experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and have felt fabulous during the day. Makes both body & mind feel great! Really raises the energy levels.” - Karen

“I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each session. Like many people I have a busy life crammed with work and family commitments. Over the past 3 years SunYoga classes provide me with an opportunity to stop and ‘just be’. Yoga helps me to feel fitter and stronger, but more importantly it helps me to be calmer and more accepting of myself and others.” - Lynda P